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Nesika is a Native American word meaning "Our," thus Our Energy.

Nesika Energy began ethanol production in 2008 after 7 years of planning and construction by the co-operative of 22 local farmers. We are an ICM Inc. state of the art designed facility with a nameplate capacity of 10 million gallons per year employing 23 members of the local community.

In 2018, Butamax™ started the installation of process equipment to demonstrate their novel bio-isobutanol technology at scale. After successfully commissioning the technology in 2019, Nesika has been supplying bio-isobutanol for use as a next generation renewable biofuel and chemical.

Our site produces ethanol, fuel isobutanol, chemical isobutanol and wet distillers’ grains with no corn oil removed for a higher fat ration.

We process corn and grain sorghum grown for cattle feed within an approximate 50-mile radius of our plant, converting the grain starch to simple sugars for yeast fermentation to alcohol. Distillation and molecular sieve processes separate and purify the alcohols, whilst all water is recovered for reuse in the process. The protein, fiber, and fat from the corn, now easily digestible and with added yeast nutrients, is trucked to feed the local cattle population.

January 2022 Delivery Period

Corn: 0.45H

Plant Production Operator

Nesika Energy, LLC of Scandia, Kansas, is currently accepting applications for a full-time, Plant Production Operator.   This position qualifies for Nesika Energy’s full employee benefit package.
Please apply in person at Nesika Energy, LLC 1020 70 Road Scandia, KS 66966 or send resumes to 
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  • Follow laboratory, field and control system work instructions and procedures to collect and analyze samples, manipulate valves and equipment via the control system and in the field, operate machinery to receive and loadout materials, add chemicals to process and perform basic mechanical maintenance tasks.
  • Document task risk assessments for novel tasks not covered by work instructions and procedures.
  • Monitor, review, and enter feedback from the control system, lab results and field data against defined targets, assist interventions in accordance with procedures.
  • Develop deep understanding of nominated process area and act as single point of contact to collate information and improvements for documentation in procedures and communication to others.
  • Train newly hired staff in operator duties.
  • Isolate, lock out, bleed and test energy isolations for work to be performed on equipment by operations, maintenance, and contractor personnel.
  • Perform preventative maintenance tasks and raise work requests as needed for resolution.
  • Communicate to Operations Supervisor information pertinent to logistics and operational leadership regarding process conditions that will impact inventories of process inputs and Nesika products.
  • Communicate to Laboratory Supervisor impacts to lab consumable inventories and instrument performance.
  • Support initiatives to improve safety, product quality, and production efficiencies.
  • Meet the responsibilities and perform the duties of Operations Supervisors when covering shift supervision.
  • Other duties as directed by site leadership or management as required from time to time.
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Daniel Grant

Plant Manager

Nick Jarrett

Plant Manager

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Safety & Reliability Manager

Steve Novak

Laboratory Manager

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Grain Origination & Logistics

Brady Alexander

WDGS & Ethanol Sales & Logistics

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