Nesika is a Native American word meaning "Our," thus Our Energy.

Nesika Energy began ethanol production in 2008 after 7 years of planning and construction by the co-operative of 22 local farmers. We are an ICM Inc. state of the art designed facility with a nameplate capacity of 10 million gallons per year employing 23 members of the local community.

In 2018, Butamax™ started the installation of process equipment to demonstrate their novel bio-isobutanol technology at scale. After successfully commissioning the technology in 2019, Nesika started been supplying bio-isobutanol for use as a next generation renewable biofuel and chemical.

In 2021, a group of the original ownership came together to keep Nesika a functional ethanol plant in North Central Kansas. Since the change in ownership, Nesika Energy has strived to work with our local farmers and cooperatives to benefit our community. Our engineers and controllers in the plant work safely and efficiently, producing high quality ethanol that is distributed within the tri-state area.

We process corn grown for cattle feed within an approximate 50-mile radius of our plant, converting the grain starch to simple sugars for yeast fermentation to alcohol. Distillation and molecular sieve processes separate and purify the alcohols, whilst all water is recovered for reuse in the process. The protein, fiber, and fat from the corn, now easily digestible and with added yeast nutrients, is trucked to feed the local cattle population.
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